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IoT Mobility Platform

IoT Enabled - Intelligent Job Dispatch

Increase your asset availability by 50% and improve your customer retention by 60% using GeoPal's IoT enabled enterprise mobility platform. GeoPal eliminates manual job handling in control rooms, intelligently dispatching the job to the field technician immediately.

Set alarms and create triggers to automate the dispatch of jobs to your field technicians and avoid costly downtime.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT), an ecosystem of interconnected devices and assets, is rapidly changing the way field service and facilities management organisations are conducting business. The widespread adoption of smart devices and assets has led to a shift away from the reactive, break-fix model of old - to the proactive, preventative model of the future.

With IoT sensors on assets, alarms are raised when assets go out of tolerance, but before they become faulty. These alarms can automatically trigger work orders to field technicians, maximising asset uptime.

IoT Mobility Platform - Case Study

Prior to IoT and connected devices, when a traffic light was faulty, it had to be reported by a member of the public or police. This issue was passed to a control room, where a phone call was made to field technicians to see who was available to fix the issue.

With no visibility of where technicians are in real-time, there is a delay in finding the closest available technician before dispatching them to the site. The issue is resolved, and the technician returns a paper-based incident form, that is then manually re-entered at the office for reporting purposes. This process is further complicated when assets fail outside of office hours - an alarm is raised, but there is nobody receive it and dispatch the job to field technicians.

Using GeoPal’s IoT enabled mobility platform, sensors in the field trigger alarms based on a specific set of rules, these alarms then trigger work orders on GeoPal, that are intelligently dispatched to a field technician in real-time, with GPS co-ordinates of the traffic light, the part to be replaced, and a detailed job workflow. The field technician uses the mobile job workflow to capture text, images and RFID/NFC tags – all of which are time-date stamped and sent back to the office in real-time, available for instant reporting. 

Reduced Asset Downtime

Machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, and the added information available through IoT enabled products has led to a rise in customer expectations for asset availability. Eliminating asset downtime is a high priority for service providers, particularly with many competitors implementing mobility solutions to improve field technician productivity.

Improve Customer Retention

In an increasingly competitive environment, customer retention has emerged as a crucial KPI for many field service management providers. The information provided by connected devices is crucial to ensuring and improving on first time fix-rates, that impact on customer satisfaction and retention.

Accurate and Timely Invoicing

Smart devices and assets are now allowing service providers to accurately invoice for work completed. IoT-enabled mobility platforms eliminate paper-based work forms and real-time information from the asset and field facilitates immediate and accurate invoicing, improving cash-flow.

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